Curriculum-Specific Websites
Below you will find links to various helpful websites that teachers and parents can use with their students and children to practice the skills they learn in school.


Language Arts
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Reggie the Rhyming Rhino
Practice rhyming words with Reggie the Rhino! This game is great for reinforcing the concept of rhyming. Not only does it show pictures of objects to rhyme, but it also includes correct spellings of words and it will say the words aloud to help students hear the similar sounds.
Construct -A-Word
Students can practice making words in a word family by clicking and dragging initial sounds and blending them with ending sounds.
Tumblebooks is a great site where kids can watch some of their favorite picture books come to life. It can be used as a listening center, a whole group book talk activity, or just for fun! The username is wgrice and the password is a secret (HINT:It's what you find in a library. There's lots of them!!!)

Search Engines

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KidsClick for Research


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How to Type
This website offers keyboarding lessons and tests to help you learn good typing technique and assess your skills.

Typing Study
This site will give you endless practice with your typing skills so that you can work on your speed and accuracy.

Kidz Type
This is fun game to play to help you work on memorizing the Home Row.

Keyboarding Games for Kids
This is a website packed with fun typing games to help you boost your accuracy and speed.